Hi, I’m Jenny Higgins, but you can just call me Jenny because that is the only part of my name that is actually true. My real name has been changed here to protect and shield my identity, mainly because it is extremely difficult to hide this website from STRAP when they just keep attempting to get past our firewalls; but also because it will get very annoying if my friends find out what I do in my spare time – I would be bombarded with questions every single day.

When I first began my time travelling adventures I was unquestionably hesitant and nervous – and even wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it or not. Now I’m awfully glad I did, it can be really fun and thrilling, plus my tremendous interest in history makes the whole experience even more delightful as I can learn so many new things. My dad is a historian, and a brilliant one. He tells me so many incredible things about the past which are always interesting to know.

Apart from history my favourite thing to do is draw, and all the artwork and photographs on this site are my own. I love drawing people and animals the most, but also scenes from my historic adventures from time to time.

I really do hope that you all enjoy reading my blog posts, and learn new things about me all the time, not just on this page!

~ Jenny ~