Summer time at last!

OH GOSH – Hello hello hello! Long time, no see!

Soooo, I guess I have some explaining to do. As some of you may notice, I haven’t posted on this blog for quite a while, but my reason is – I hope – a good one, and that is that I have had to study for dreaded exams. Any test can start a complete freak out from me, spelling, maths and science exams and quizzes always just seem so scary and intimidating – so it was important for me to try my best to get the best marks I could!

But now that all of them are done and dusted, and a lonnnggggg summer stretches before me, I no longer have to think of classrooms, tests, lessons and all that stuff, and I have all the time in the world to read my books, draw, go out with friends, and of course time-travel. I am super super excited to get up to all sorts of fun and relaxing activities over the summer, and of course sharing them with you lot :).

And to make sure I’m not too lazy and lie in bed every day and put all these activities off, I have written a list of 10 things I absolutely must do before September comes and I am once again waking up at 7 in the morning to trudge to school in my itchy uniform *shudder*. I hope some of you will join me and do some of these activities yourself.

  1. Read in the garden at least once a week – particularly books about time travel!
  2. Go Bowling.
  3. Go shopping with friends.
  4. Paint a picture of Pablo (my cat, in case anyone has forgotten).
  5. Have a water fight!!
  6. Spend a day learning new things.
  7. Bake some cookies.
  8. Practice until I can do a PERFECT cartwheel.
  9. Write some short stories and poems.

I am really looking forward to spending lots of time on these fabulous activities without any worries over homework and study!

See you all soon! (and I do mean soon)

~ Jenny ~


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