Here comes the sun! 

Hello all! 

I have been absolutely loving the weather we have had recently. When I haven’t been stuck inside doing boring homework, I have been out in the garden, the park and on some glorious walks enjoying the heat. 

You cannot imagine how relived I will be when all my tests are over and the long summer holidays will stretch before me! Ohhh they will be full of adventures. 

My heart flips with joy whether I think about it. How amazing will 6 weeks of picnics, summer fairs, holidays, day trips, ice cream, games, water fights, bouncy castles and the odd bit of time travelling be? Like, it will be well cool! 

AND! When all the horrible stress of exams are over, I can post on this blog a lot more! You will be hearing a LOT from me as soon as school finishes, I promise! 

Hope you all have had an amazing time out in the sun if your weather has been as good as where I live, and I’ll post on this blog again as soon as I can!

~ Jenny ~


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