My Pendle Time Travel Log

Hello everyone! This is it! Everything I have been waiting for. It has finally been approved by SHARP for me to share with the world what I did in Pendle.

Because this mission is part of a bigger one, which involves witchcraft as a whole, my lips have been sewn shut on this topic for a while (or my keyboard keys have been glued together … would that be a better metaphor?). Anyways, this whole thing has mainly been a super big secret which I have been bursting to tell you all from day one! So, with that in mind, lets get started!!!

Well, when I suddenly felt the ground under my body, I tried to sit up straight away (BIG MISTAKE). My head felt like it wasn’t part of my body, it was sooooo woozy and light, spinning round like one of those old record things my parents used to listen to music on. Haha as always, I was stumbling around like I had never learned to walk as I got used to the situation and the time slip began to fade… and my mission had begun.

I walked along the dusty roads, kicking small stones as I went, trying to make sense of things. The weather was much hotter than last time, the sun rays beaming gently down onto my skin warming me up nicely. Like last time, I was wearing a thin rag dress, so the temperature was rather pleasant.

As I was drifting off into a jolly little daydream (as I often do), I caught sight of Alizon, the teenager I met last time with a young girl, whom I correctly assumed to be her sister, Jennet.

“Hello Alizon,” I began hesitantly, “how are you?”

“No need to be so nervous,” she sniffed, “I’m not a bad witch and I know that for a fact. I don’t curse people like the Chattox witches, us Demdikes are good. You see?”

All I could do was nod, and now I should probably explain. I have mentioned in a previous post about Demdike and Chattox, but just to make it easier – I’ll copy what I have already said here too

  • The whole think kicked off when Alizon Device asked someone called John Law for some pins. He refused and she cursed him!
  • People from two families were against each other in a family rivalry. Old Demdike was the grandmother in Alizon’s family and Old Chattox was the grandmother in the other.
  • Nine year old Jennet Device accused her whole family.


So there we go. Alizon’s family were the Demdikes, and another family were the Chattox family (who Alizon appeared to firmly believe were bad witches). Both families absolutely HATED each other and often accused the other family of stealing things. If something went wrong to either family, both had an obvious person to blame.

I guess that is why the trials went so out of hand. After Alizon confessed to cursing John Law, she accused the Chattoxs of witchcraft too. I still could not figure out if it was real magic or not though :/ .

My conversation with Alizon and Jennet did not do much to help my decision, Alizon was still convinced she was a witch, and Jennet also clearly believed it – but I didn’t know how to reach the truth, it seemed impossible to figure it out when it was so hidden. I asked them to show me witchcraft but she yelled right at me and told me not to be so ridiculous. Well, I was so mad that she felt she could talk to me like that, but as usual there was nothing I could do but stay in character and apologise … after all, it was illegal and she was already viewed as guilty and had confessed.

It was Jennet that confused me the most – I could not see how close to her sister she really was. As the facts above confirm, she accused her whole family of horrible things in court. Her grandma, mum, brother and sister all accused of using bad magic. (As well as many others). Why would she do that? Did she not understand everything that was going on?

Personally, I believe this magic did exist, but innocents most certainly were accused. I saw the evidence, and not much of it was needed to find someone guilty. That was the most terrifying part – a finger could have been pointed at me and I would have been found guilty too.

I guess the Pendle trials will always remain a mystery, because even though I spoke directly to those involved, I couldn’t find out exactly what was in their heads, or why they did what they did.

~ Jenny ~


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