Ohhhhh Goshhhhhh it has been absolutely ages since I have typed on this keyboard! How is everyone doing????

I have had a super busy few weeks and I’m sorry for not keeping you updated! Some of the things I have been up to have been very secret SHARP events – (so that means I have had to keep my mouth shut, and my computer untouched, about all that). And I have also had exams AND been to Pendle!!!!

Right, so I have actually been to Pendle twice. The first time, the weather was well gloomy and drizzly, the annoying rain that is not in drops but a cold, miserable mist. The ground was soft, and my shoes sank right into the mud, messing my socks up! Anyway, I was dressed in a thin dress like a beggar, so SHARP were worried I’d get too cold and then I would get REALLY ill – so I was not there long at all. I did speak to Alizon Device though. She was a girl, a teenager, who believed she was a witch. What SHARP wanted me to find out was if the magic was true or if it was not, which is spooky. Anyway, she totally seemed to believe it – like, she was telling people she had cast a spell on someone and it had actually worked!

But yeah, after that I had a few exams and a lot of homework to so so I have been well busy with all that. Science homework really does make me yawn at the moment haha!! I don’t think many of you would like to hear about my boring assignments to be honest but I will tell you there was a LOT. I even went to the library with my Dad to get it done when Danny was blasting out his music (ugh).

I’ll give you a full report of what I got up to in Pendle on my long journey sometime next week (as soon as SHARP says it is okay to do so). I’m actually going away for a few days to London tomorrow which is well exciting!! I’ll post some photos of my trip soon as well!!! 😀

~ Jenny ~


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