Mock exams!!!

Hello friends!

My uploading schedule is a right mess at the moment with all the pressure I have been getting from school to do well in my mock exams. Like, I don’t get why I have to prepare this early .. but I guess it is just something I have to do.

I have been doing so so so much work to get ready for my tests. Instead of hanging out with my friends and enjoying myself (which in my opinion is what weekends are for) I have spent my Saturday making lots of revision cards, notes and all that boring stuff.

The worst thing about it is that my trip to Pendle has been pushed away even further from my reach! How annoying is that!?!? SHARP were saying something like my exams are so important they are willing to wait and let me do them … which doesn’t make sense because they LITERALLY time travel. They don’t need to wait for anything … do they?

So anyway, I’ll have exams all next week – wish me luck!!! 🙂

Hope to see you again very soon 😀 . Good luck to anyone else doing their tests, I’m sure you will be amazing.

~ Jenny ~ xx


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