The worst luck ever!!

Right. I’ve had enough. I am so so annoyed and sick of feeling like this!!!!! In case you didn’t already notice – I’m in a foul mood.

Everything is going wrong right now, I just want to go to PENDLE.

Soooo hello everyone. How are you?

I have been given the worst luck I have ever had 😦 . So you know I was given the mission by SHARP to go back to Pendle and meet all the witches? WELL my body decided this week would be the perfect time to get the flu. Great. Just great.

Saturday it was supposed to be. When my phone started buzzing with the familiar vibration that usually sends sparkling tingles down my spine, I was curled up in my bed with my muscles aching feeling horrifically bad. I was well annoyed. I could have been having a scary yet exciting adventure but instead I was staring at my ceiling wishing the pain away. And obviously letting out the occasional sneeze.

The worst thing about it though is that I’m not even missing any school since it’s happening over half term. Like, all my friends are out shopping today and I barely have the energy to type this blog post. However, I really can’t stand another day of doing nothing so it is nice to occupy myself with this at least. Writing my blog is something I really do enjoy.

I am really scared though … something that has constantly been going through my mind is the possibility SHARP will get fed up of waiting for me and find someone else to travel back in time to Pendle. It would break my heart so much </3. Maybe when I feel a bit better I can read some books about the witches instead – not that it will be anywhere near as thrilling as going seeing everything first hand – but at least I can find out about them.

Anyway, staring at this bright screen is giving me a terrible headache at the moment so I should probably go and do something else. It is definite that I am going to refuse to spend another day staring blankly at ceilings or walls so maybe I’ll get my sketch book out or something. If I do, I’ll post my drawings on here at some point.

What do you all do when you are feeling poorly?

~ Jenny ~


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