The Beauty of Friendship

Hello everyone!

Time for another life update from your favourite time traveller!!!

If you have read my blog before, then you will know that my best BEST friend in the world is called Bethany and she honestly means so much to me! It may be well cheesy to say, but I do not know what I would do without this beautiful person there to brighten up my days. Spending time with her could literally have me rolling on the floor laughing for hours at a time, and she is always there to stick up for me when things just go a little bit wrong.

So, since her birthday is coming up – I decided I would do something SUPER SUPER special for her!!! Because she deserves it.

I know for a fact that Bethy does not read this blog, and anyways – I can get SHARP’s amazing like firewall software to block her computer. You know … just in the teeny weeny chance that this post will spoil the surprise (it worries me okay, but I’m desperate to tell you all about it) . Let me know what you guys think of what I am going to do!

I have made 2 presents for her:

  1. I have developed a MASSIVE number of pictures of us, some that I had forgotten even existed until I found them, and filled a photo album of them. Some of these pictures date back 10 years! How cute is that!?!?! Baby Beth is so cute hahaha
  2. I also found a picture of us on the beach. The picture is mainly the landscape around us but you can still make out our figures in the photo. I decided it would be so meaningful and cute if I cut out sections from my old diaries where I wrote about our friendship and stuck them to the image of the landscape!

To be honest … I think that last one would make her so happy she might actually cry. Like, I can see that happening.

In my opinion, I think these gifts are great! But … I’m not sure if it is enough. if I had loads of money to spend then I’d get her some makeup, or chocolate or something even bigger.

She just deserves everything, and I’m sad that I cannot give her loads. But at the same time, maybe in a way this gift is worth so much more.

Do you have a best friend? Tell me about them in the comments 🙂

~ Jenny ~


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