You don’t even know how excited I was to see bright, fluffy specs spilling gracefully from the brilliant dark sky the first thing this morning! The whole pavement was coated in a crisp, sparkling layer of white frost and the air was full of flakes dancing towards it. In case you didn’t notice … I am definitely someone who LOVES snow.

I mean I don’t understand how anyone could hate snowflakes, snowmen, snow-angels, snowballs, hot chocolates, cosy fires and most importantly … a day off school. Danny was right grumpy (as always) when I woke him up at exactly 6:30 this morning to tell him about the snow … I really don’t get why. I would be DELIGHTED if he did that to me. Snow snow snow!

OOOHHHHHHH How great would it be if SHARP sent me somewhere snowy in the past!? I think it would be quite interesting to see people’s reactions to it without all the technical and clever science to explain it all. Imagine the first ever person to see snow – they must have been so confused like, if you didn’t know what it was = I bet you would freak out a bit seeing weird stuff falling from the heavens.

Today we have been doing so many snow related activities like making snow angels and a snowman!!!! I was literally the best snow day I could have asked for 😀 Because I was wearing my warm and cosy coat, I actually felt very peaceful lying in the snow making my pretty snow angel, watching the thin, delicate clouds flutter gracefully, yet quickly across the blue, calm sky. That is … until Danny thought it would be funny to drop some snow on my face! Ugh it was freezing and wet. Totally ruined my happy, blissful moment hahaha. I got him back though. Can’t say snow down his back will have been pleasant for him hehe.

It took us ages to make our snowman, we wanted him to be MASSIVE so we put a lot of work into it. We grabbed massive chunks of snow from all over the garden and piled it up into a huge pile! Making the head was the difficult part … and the face. We mushed a raspberry onto the snow to look like lips but it ended up looking more Halloween than winter themed with all that red.

If only I was better at making snowmen than I am at drawing them …


Let me know in the comments what you have all been up to today! Did it snow where you are? Did you get the day off school? Did you have to go in?



3 thoughts on “SNOW DAY!

  1. THAT IS NOT FAIR!!!! I GOT ALMOST NO SNOW AND THE SNOW I GOT WAS REALLY WET AND DIDN’T SETTLE AT ALL AND I HAD TO WALK THRU IT FOR LIKE 30 MINUTES AND GET REALLY REALLY COLD AND SAD!!! also it snowed WHILE i was in school and everyone ran out of the English block to see it snow, we were all screaming like kids! You know what you should do to that snow-man?!? TAKE CHUNKS OUT OF IT AND PUT RED FOOD COLOURING IN IT AND IT’LL LOOK LIKE A ZOMBIE SNOW-MAN OMIGOD HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE!! Anywayyyysssss have fun with no snow11


    1. Hehe awww that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun at all!!!!!! Everyone was like that at my school yesterday. Actually it was my teacher who first pointed out the snow which was probably a mistake on her part haha. It started a load of chaos ❤ everyone was so happy!! And omg a Zombie snowman would actually be incredible!!!! Imagine how great that would be :O maybe I'll draw one!


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