Christmas Time ❤

Hallo hallo! 

How has everyone’s christmas been!? Mine was everything I hoped for and EVEN MORE! 

Last night, me and Danny baked loads of gingerbread … which would have been more fun if it wasn’t a complete and utterly disaster.  You see, we had to go out to a family party right, and we kind of left the baking to the last minute. Mum was shouting us asking us if they were ready before they were even in the oven Haha! You would have thought we time travelled with how fast we got ready…

The party was awesome, it was amazing to catch up with some cousins and aunties that I don’t often speak to, and some great songs were playing for us to dance to! 

My presents mainly consisted of books, and also a lot of make up and nail polish.  I really do like to use those all the time :). What was also exciting is the fact I got a new rise gold ring! It is so so so shiny!!!! Love it! 


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