The Holiday Season

Ho Ho Hello everybody!

I hope you are all having a great run up to Christmas and are enjoying your time off school, if of course you have already broken up for the hols! If not then don’t worry, you soon will be having a fabulous time relaxing and getting up to all the things you enjoy doing this time of year.

Of course, I definitely have been getting into the Christmas spirit. There is absolutely NOTHING better than writing cards, listening to some great festive tunes and sipping a gorgeous, creamy malteasers hot chocolate. Aaaaahhhh. Today has been a very good day.

How are you spending the next week?  … Not from personal experience of course, but I would not advise trying to get a grumpy kitten into a homemade Christmas jumper … it doesn’t really end very well. Pablo’s claws can be way too sharp at times … it has to be said.

This week me and Danny are going to bake gingerbread cookies, sing Christmas songs and watch EVERY single festive movie I can find!!!!! (Not that he has agreed to this yet …) .

Let me know what you guys all get up to 😀

See you soon!

~ Jenny ~



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