If only she knew …

Heyy everybody!!!

Hope you are all well 🙂

My life has been a little bit less exciting since travelling through time as you most likely can imagine, but it has still been amazing as far as life goes. Last night, Bethany came round to mine and we had sooooo much fun watching hilarious TV shows and painting each other’s nails, as well as talking about so many different things! I shouldn’t really be telling you guys this but she has a bit of a crush on someone now – haha so funny! She gets a bit annoyed when I tease her about it, but as I keep telling her – that’s what friends are for!

I keep feeling super guilty though, because Beth tells me ABSOLUTELY everything about her life, even the really personal stuff, but I have to keep quiet about the time travelling I do. I know she would think it is absolutely awesome and maybe would want to join in herself sometime , she’d be well jealous I reckon, if she knew – she is always up for exciting activities. Though, I guess this is slightly different to anything she has thought of doing before. I can’t really say time travel is similar to rock climbing or assault courses in any way at all, but nevertheless  I’m pretty sure she would like doing that too.

I often think about telling her, not that I would risk it with the confidentiality rules of SHARP. She is like amazing at secret keeping, I have NEVER known her to let one slip, but I don’t know … I know I can trust her but I would get in a lot of trouble I guess. I just wish I could tell her everything like she does with me 😦

I guess that is just how it has to be.

~ Jenny ~


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