My trip to Quarry Bank Mill (Time travel edition!!!) PART ONE

Hello everybody!!!!

For those of you who do not know, my name is Jenny Higgins and I am an official time traveller and (self-labelled) secret agent (what? It sounds even cooler that way). Over the past year I have been employed by SHARP to help fight the Dark Chaos which is basically a huge disaster in the future which could be awful for humanity – certainly humanity as we know it! Gosh, my job does sound very scary and important when you phrase it like that … I promise it is a LOT of fun too! Haha. My time travel honestly amazes me – it is incredibleeeee!

Last week, I was asked to embark on a mission to Quarry Bank Mill, which if you have read my previous posts, you will know that I visited there in modern times not too long ago. So of course I was ready to accept the offer – not just an adventure to anywhere, but to somewhere I know a lot about! Last night, Danny had his year 11 parents evening (which I’m pretty sure went alright, there wasn’t any annoyance from my parents anyway) so I had the whole house to myself which gave me the chance to travel back in time again! (YAY)

Almost a little too eagerly, and by that I mean as soon as the door closed when they all left, I changed into my swimming costume and waited for my phone to vibrate. It began as a low humming sound, and a smile crossed my face instantly. Time for an adventure. Through the corner of my eye I saw the small, black travel bag situated on my bed and grasped it, before re-reading my instructions (which you can find in my last post). I didn’t realise at first because of my excitement, but I was gnawing at my lip and my stomach was doing roller-coaster loops inside me. My whole body was tingling with a sensation of both fear and excitement. It was fantastic. With my fingers shaking, almost vibrating, I typed in the conformation code that meant I was ready and my ears filled with a high pitched, continuous noise that was almost like a whine, and a flash of white appeared in front of me. The noise got louder. SO LOUD. And I saw some strange flickers, almost like tears in the sky which I have actually seen before in my adventures, and suddenly … THUMP. I hit the ground.

In a daze, I sat up. I was lying on the floor of what I recognised to be the girls’ bedroom. “Uff,” I groaned, “I know they are made of straw but they could have at least had me land on the bed”. My head was spinning round like one of those fairground rides, and I felt really sick. Time slip again. Great. Walking in that moment was a complete disaster – I was so wobbly haha!

The air smelt horrible, like sweat and the contents of the chamber pots (YUCK).

After putting on the clothes left for me, I stuck the little black recording disc onto my head and it seemed to melt into my skin – *shudder* that always makes me feel strange, I wonder where it goes and how it works – the technology of the future is super confusing. Now SHARP could see everything I could, and that marked the beginning of my mission.

“Jennifer?” I heard a high pitched, ringing voice call out.

“Em-Emily?” I replied with hesitancy, remembering the name of the worker I was supposed to befriend.

“What on earth are you doing up here?” she almost hissed, “you’ll get into trouble – we need to get to work!”


Although I knew that children of many ages were employed, the reality of it startled me. Emily was a petite girl, of about 8 or 9. She had soft, ginger hair and looked so innocent. Her doing hard work seemed awfully unfair, in our day she would be playing at the park!

Now, I am aware that this post has already gone on for rather a long time, and I hope you are not getting too bored! I won’t go on about every little detail about my adventure in this post because that most certainly will make you yawn after this long – and I need to quickly put all of that stuff in my official report. I’ll include a bit more detail about Emily and what happened on Sunday.

Hope you don’t mind waiting! I promise you it will be worth it!

~ Jenny ~



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