You’ll never guess what!!!

Hello everybody!

I have some amazing and exciting news 😀 SHARP asked me to go on another time travel adventure! And of course I said yes. It has been so long since I have had the privilege to have an opportunity like this so all last week I was absolutely giddy with excitement. Every night I was restless, staring out of the window with the biggest smile on my face wondering where (and when) it is that I will be sent. I am SOOOOO excited to go now I know 🙂

“I’m going to go back in time,” I whispered with a grin, “I’m going to go BACK IN TIME!”

This was a procedure that was repeated every night for a number of days…

It was Thursday afternoon when I had just got home from school when I felt a familiar pulse from the pocket of my rucksack, and immediately I reached for my phone which, annoyingly, was situated right at the bottom of the bag. My heart began to beat faster and faster, and my cheeks began to ache because of the grin that stretched across my face. My body began to tremble and I gasped when I saw the screen.

<Details of Current Travel Option>

<Time Zone>

March 1821


Quarry Bank Mill, Cheshire, England


Inside the workers’ bedroom


When you arrive at your destination, there will be some clothes situated on the bed next to you. Remember to wear a swimming costume for travel to wear underneath. Find a girl called Emily to guide you, she will think you are a new worker at the mill.


Inside the Mill


Outside the factory, it will be a sunny and bright day, but inside the factory there will be lots of heavy machinery, and small pieces of cotton flying about. If at any time you are put in danger, find a quiet place and press the emergency button on your phone.


Jennifer Smith – a cotton barrel carrier


Mobile phone. Travel bag including recording disc.

BUT THEN, as I was getting all excited to travel – My mum came through the door! Ugh talk about bad timing.

“Ah Jenny, I didn’t expect you to be back from school so early. I was wondering if you wanted to go out this evening with me, Dad and Danny.” … Soooo annoying!!!!!

Ahhh well, after carefully thinking about it, I have informed SHARP that I will definitely be able to travel on the night of Danny’s parents evening on Tuesday. I can’t wait!

See you on Wednesday when I will tell you ALL ABOUT IT!

~ Jenny ~


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