What should I do over half term? 

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if any of you think it is strange that I’m not as excited for half term as I usually am. I just don’t know what to do – it might get SOOOO boring! Danny says I should just tidy my room and keep quiet in there doing some painting. He’s having a laugh surely, as if I would tidy my room without good reason (and no Danny, the fact it is a mess is NOT a good reason … to me at least.) But he has a point with the painting, that would be fun.

I don’t think I will be travelling through time any time soon either 😦 SHARP have more people to go on adventures now, so I must wait for my turn. It would be amazing to go travelling again though – Super cool! Maybe our parents will take us somewhere interesting so I can visit the past sometime in the future haha! 

It’s weird if you think about it – all my time travel adventures have technically already happened. Yet I haven’t experienced them yet. Madness! 

What do you think I should do with my week off school? I would love your suggestions 🙂 

Thank you.

~ Jenny ~


2 thoughts on “What should I do over half term? 

  1. You’ve told us loads of interesting things about ancient Egypt and do you know nine year old kids in Year 5 are studying ancient Egypt this term!! Better get them to read your blog.


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