What if cats could travel through time?

Hello everybody 🙂 

How are you? Hope you are all doing well. I am especially happy this week because I have had no homework at all! Which has left me loaaaaads of time to play games with Pablo and do some drawings of him which has been very lovely.
While playing these games with my kitten, I had a thought which was pretty cool. What if cats travelled through time? Would they like … even notice the difference? Well, I suppose time slip can affect animals as well as humans, and their favourite cat treats would be missing – but think about it. Would they know what had happened to them?

The way I see it is that if a cat was just placed in another time he would wander off trying to catch mice and all the other mischievous acts that cats do – and depending on where he is put, he would not know or understand he has literally gone to a different year! That’s WELL weird.

I always wonder if Pablo knows what I say when I speak to him – because he like looks up when I say something so he probably recognises my voice. Maybe he understands but doesn’t have the ability to speak to let me know, what if he could read!? He would know then for sure if he time travelled. All the words would be strange ones from old English.

If my SHARP work wasn’t such a serious job, I’d ask to take him with me some time. But I guess I would be well worried about him running off … nah, I think he’s okay staying in the 21st century for now.

Do any of you have any pets? I would like to hear about them. Do you think your pet would like time travel, or notice if they went?

I do think Pablo would like it if he understood what on earth was going on haha 🙂

~ Jenny Higgins ~




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